tabs open :: carolina story, lord huron, & more…

Dudes, the Block of the Writer means that there are approximately 37 tabs open on this here computer, things I’ve been saving until I had the wherewithal to conjure up some proper words about. That might not happen anytime soon it seems and so, let’s just throw all this glorious musical bidness up and see what happens, shall we?



Frightened Rabbit :: ‘State Hospital’

So, this band once wrote a song called ‘FootShooter’ and that song replayed here over and over. And over again, for real. Are Frightened Rabbit my favorite Scottish indie rock band. Yeah, maybe. On 24 September the band will release a new EP, their major label debut with Atlantic, and we’re stoked as shit for it. This is a song from that EP.



Matt Bauer :: ‘Morning Stars’

I wonder if other music bloggers are lucky enough to occasionally find an artist they’ll fall in love with via Twitter. The usefulness of that site is often underrated when it comes to music discovery — if someone is following us it most likely because they too have an affection for folk jams and as such, we’d probably be good pals in real life.

Bauer followed Folk Hive the other day. Checked out his jams. DO LIKE.

BUY The Jessamine County Book of the Living :: SITE


The Shams Band :: ‘Trunk Whiskey’

DIY rock with a banjo? Yes, please.



Roof Beams :: ‘Drunk Dreams’

It’s becoming more and more obvious that we have a love affair with a delicate, rusty voice backed by banjo and folk stylings (see Azevedo and Olentangy John, sir) and the songs of Roof Beams fit that bill.

BUY Poison Arrows :: FACEBOOK


Lord Huron :: ‘I Will Be Back One Day’ Trailer

Unbeknownst to us, Lord Huron’s upcoming (no doubt, awesome) album is based on the stories of George Ranger Johnson, thus amplifying the badass factor. Lonesome Dreams is out in October. YESSSSS.




Carolina Story :: Daytrotter, A New Album, and Home

You’re gonna want to get this Carolina Story Daytrotter session in your life and this band on your radar. We’ve been obsessed for days after discovering their album from late last year, Home, a few days ago.

Carolina Story :: Someone, Else

DOWNLOAD Daytrotter Session :: BUY Home :: SITE


Until next time, y’all…

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