Lohio entered my sphere when I read that they’d be playing an upcoming show with The Sheepdogs, who (by the way) are the most underrated band from the 1970s that isn’t really from the 1970s.  Upon first listen to their Family Tree EP, I was smitten and that love was notwithstanding the fact that the band called their shit “family tree” — as a genealogy goon, I was giddy before I even sampled the EP, truth be told.

I mentioned familial singing at some point here in the last few days and I was serious; that sort of thing never fails to grab my attention (provided it’s done properly) and it’s almost always a step on the ladder that guides me up to happiness.

Lohio excels.  They excel at happiness and they excel at feel-good.  They excel at folk, folks.  I dare you: listen (at the very least to “We’ll Hide Ourselves Underneath”) and prove me wrong.



DOWNLOAD a 7″ from Lohio here, via The Ampeater Review.

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