Prairie Hymnal

Aside from the fact that I’m magnificently jealous of the fact that two dudes came up with a name like Prairie Hymnal before I, I want to point out that this is something we should take note of.  Music and the land: For someone of Midwestern descent, someone who witnesses the rolling fields and blooming/leaf dropping trees on journeys a mile from my home, those two things fit together better than most realize.  Music and our genealogies: As someone who has spent an arguably odd amount of time researching the familial background of one Justin Vernon I can tell you that too, these two things, fit together so well.

As someone who has spent a fair amount of time figuring out the logistics of getting a band to you and your chosen geographical destination for them, I admire so much the melding of the above mentioned themes and not just that, but the work that goes into turning that into a visual for those of us out here.  And as such, those of us lucky enough to witness a project such as Prairie Hymnal should stand and applaud.  This is me, applauding.

Atop all of this and nestled into that plain stitch is a beautiful session with Blessed Feathers.  To say that their most recent gift to us, From The Mouths Of The Middle Class, was a spectacular album is an understatement of the biggest kind and to say that this session is anything but a gift is the same.  Watch below…




Blessed Feathers :: Stinging Nettle, Honeysuckle [mp3]

VISIT Prairie Hymnal :: BUY From The Mouths Of The Middle Class

PS — This post was pretty much sponsored by Miller Lite…in a bottle.  And Harlowe and the Great North Woods, because I jammed to it while I imbibed.