Mean Lady

Blending things that seemingly do not go together is hard.  When I  make sausage balls, getting that Bisquick all perfectly melded with the cheese and sausage is a bitch.  But this morning, I stumbled upon the sweet Mean Lady on the Bandcamp, and there’s a blend there that makes it look like mashing together things of different natures is the simplest thing in the world.

The opening track on Lady’s Kid Friendly EP, ‘Lonely’ puts beats, old radio scans, banjo, bells, and Lady’s own voice and while those elements on their own SEEM to have their place outside of each other, when put together here they seem to fit perfectly.  In fact, every track on the EP blends things that Sesame Street would tell us do not go together — vintage piano jams and tropical beats, electric guitar samples and kids wailing on a playground, slices of a choir backed by erratic beats, and so the story goes.

The track that originally brought me Katie Dill’s EP, though, was ‘Indian Sun’.  Dig it below and pick up her righteous 5-track EP for a measly 5 bucks over at Bandcamp.

BUY Mean Lady’s Kid Friendly EP here.