Bandcamp Five

Here at headquarters, we’re still dealing with a brain that is so emotionless that it cannot fathom writing anything of worth. Between the personal side of things and the professional work side of things (one that had drained and another that is currently draining), there is just nothing left. Until we can figure out a way to make this musical writin’ business profitable, this is how it shall stay. Bullshit.

At any rate, we’re still listening to music of course. It’s the only way to dig out of the holes: nothing cures and amends like music. Nothing puts it in perspective better and nothing sews up a heart with a tighter stitch. We’ll get back to our old selves soon enough, y’all. In the meantime, here’s some jams we like very much. Maybe you will, too…


{From The Year You Were Born :: FACEBOOK}

{From I’ll Be There Tomorrow :: SITE}

{From Cedar Point}

{From Baby John The Fox :: FACEBOOK}

{From A Dark Horse :: SITE}

I once wrote that this feature, this Bandcamp Five business, would run like clockwork. Like a church, I said. I am a liar.

Life is so hard sometimes. But then, MUSIC! I found these lovely jams for you. Because I love you and care about your heart. Really.


{From Winter Singles}


[Ed. Note: This is quite possibly the most beautiful modern-day instrumental I’ve ever heard. What this does to my heart I cannot put into words.]

{From All’s Lost, All’s Found}


Typhoon :: Summer Home [mp3]

[Ed. Note: Shit. Again, with the Ed. Note. I’m cheating. This album is on Bandcamp, where I’ve been listening to it. But, I can’t embed the damn thing so just take this mp3 but seriously, don’t stop there. BUY the damn thing.]

{From A New Kind Of House}


{From Farther Shores EP}


{From I Built This Heart}

The Bandcamp Five is a feature here at The Hive in which we highlight five sweet tracks from five sweet folk bands.  Every Sunday, like clockwork.  And church.  Take a seat and hear the gospel, won’t you?

{From This Frontier Needs Heroes}

{From Tall Tall Trees}

{From Broken Machines Go To Heaven}

{From Nive Sings!}

{From Eating An Ocean.  Sidenote: GET THIS ALBUM.  It’s gorgeous and whatever you can give for it benefits humans less fortunate than you and I.  Be nice today.}




Jams my sister has recommended.  Considering she used to like Taylor Swift and like, Kenny Chesney this is huge.  YES to my sister being awesome.  FUCK YES.

{Hear more from The Lupine}

{From MC / Acoustic As Fuck}

{From Hundred Little Reasons EP}

{From Acorn Collection}

{From Native Tongue EP/LP}*

*The last track is not so much recommended by my sister, as for her.  Observe: “Faces You Wear is for you women that continuously seem to think that you need an upgrade on style or vocabulary in order to impress. You already have to tarry in labor, why worry about the cloth on your back?”.  Here, here!