Almanac Mountain

Just a few short weeks ago, we featured the mighty Mountain that is Almanac in the weekend Bandcamp Five (in the form of “Spiral Onion Shoots”) and today, Mr. Cote is back.  Somehow, in that same short time period, it seems he has grown and matured like a tree, for the newest offering from Almanac Mountain is a full-fledged disc bearing the name So Many Seas.  As I lamented to Cote himself, this is a NEW AND THRICE AS AWESOME ALMANAC MOUNTAIN!  NOW WITH WORDS!

And what words.  Almanac Mountain was spectacular before but this latest gift feels wonderful.  So Many Seas reverberated through me from my first listen, from the space age opening zips of “Rapunzel By The Sea” straight through to the handclaps in “My Love Is A Lightning Rod”.  I took the day off early, I sat in a chair, and I ate it up “like an aristocrat”, truly.  So Many Seas is at times playful and serious, somehow contradictory and yet, fully in line.  It feels like a modern Paul Simon — a hefty compliment indeed and one that I would not give lightly.  That would be disingenuous and I hate disingenuous assholes.

The track below has been my Tuesday jam.  It was my Wednesday jam, my Thursday jam.  It is now also my Friday jam.  This may last forever.  “My Love…” is a sleeper.  It’s a twilight — it creeps up on you, unassuming, until you’re immersed in orchestral sounds and muted drums, absorbed and absorbing.  Listen below…

Almanac Mountain :: My Love Is A Lightning Rod [MP3]

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