The Rosebuds

This.  This is why I love Kelly and Ivan.  This is why I love them together, as The Rosebuds.  This is why I have an ongoing, hardcore affair with music in general.  This is just beautiful.


The Rosebuds :: Blue Bird (from Birds Make Good Neighbors) [MP3]

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It took me a good few listens, but now I dig it.  Between this and “Go Ahead”, I’m super fucking jazzed for this album.  I’m so very tempted to snag a ticket for the Bon Iver / Rosebuds show in Indianapolis and I’ll admit it, I want to see this band just as much as the headliner, THEY’VE GROWN ON ME THAT MUCH.  Much love, Rosebuds.  Much love.

The Rosebuds :: Woods [MP3]

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Dude, you guys.  Ya’ll know how impatiently I’m waiting for new Rosebuds/Megafaun/Bon Iver/Solid Gold jams and albums over here, right?  Listen up:

The Rosebuds :: Second Bird of Paradise [MP3]

Also, this:

FOR FUCKING REAL, YOU ALL.  The Rosebuds on a porch, man.  The best place for Rosebuds.  I swear, all good shit happens on porches.

I must say, I dig the clip of ‘Go Ahead’ in the video more than I’m feeling the former jam up there, but who gives a fuck ’bout all that.  NEW ROSEBUDS!  I predict Loud Planes Fly Low will burn your balls off, it’s gonna be that good.

The Rosebuds @ Merge Records