Electric Owls

Lately, the jams Jude prefers center on banjo.  But to be honest, the traditional banjo sound (unless plucked by Phil Cook, apparently) won’t hold his interest.  He’s fucking five, yo.  He needs something to interest his little brain and the banjo instrumental to ‘I Shall Not Be Moved’ just isn’t good enough, no matter what his mother (ahem) tells him.  The first time I played this pretty rad new jam from the Electric Owls he was sort of nonchalant about the whole ordeal but this morning, when I asked what he’d like to hear today his requests were for Breathe Owl Breathe (their kid-friendly sound he digs and the fact that he’s seeing them in concert next weekend — his first live show, by the way, and one I couldn’t be happier about, helps) and “that song that sounds like the river, the one with the banjo that sounds like it’s rocking out, the one about the flood, MOM!”.  I don’t know if his description does the tune justice but I don’t think I could give you a better explanation.  Sidenote: Jude speaks in extreme run-ons, just like his mother.  Do not judge us, English teachers of America.

The new Electric Owls EP, Cullowhee Songs, is out the 9th of November.  I assume you’ll be able to pick it up via Vagrant Records and we (that is, Jude and I both) recommend you snag it when it arrives.


Electric Owls :: When I Was A Flood [MP3]