mailbag :: brendan hines // “could’ve sworn”

Here at the Hive, we heart mail.  Mailbag is a recurring feature in which we hip you to artists seeking play via our email inbox.

Here at the Hive we have a soft spot for musicians who are these things:.

  1. Clever.
  2. GOOD.

Brendan Hines is that and the son of a former nun and priest that “fled God and Brooklyn to marry and teach philosophy” so pluses in the awesome column all around. Folk music has proven a salve for us when mending a broken heart, a hangover, and many other maladies and this kind of folk, of the Hines variety, is the perfect medicine for those things indeed. Tomorrow’s gonna be lousy, as was yesterday. I talked a lot of shit I hope soon to forget. Damn buddy, we feel you there.

Small Mistakes is out 25 September: Folk fans — NAY! Humans altogether! — BUY IT. Could’ve slid right back down and I have, slid back down…


Brendan Hines :: Could’ve Sworn [mp3]

PRE-ORDER Small Mistakes :: SITE

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