Faux Fir

Dammit man, Milwaukee is like, the best place on the whole of the planet.  Possibly all the other planets, too.  But it’s possible Mars boasts The Capital Of Great Foghat Cover Bands so we can’t say for sure…

Last eve, Eric & Magill (of, you fucking guessed it, Milwaukee) filled in fans on the fact that they were, right that very moment, in a studio recording a split 7″ between The Fatty Acids and Faux Fir.  My brain churned and wondered, “Faux Fir, WTF?”.  My brain pressed me to investigate, despite the pile of dishes to my left and the fold out couch bed to my right that STILL has not been folded away, and because my brain is like, the smartest ever, I did so.  Dudes…

Faux Fir.  Instant love.  Amazing jam-ability.  I feel like my hard-on for this band, after hearing only 6 songs, is akin to my boner for Solid Gold.  It makes little sense, I myself do not understand, and yet we find ourselves here — me introducing Faux Fir and you listening.  Then bobbing your head.  And downloading.  I hit that download button jams unheard because typically, I do whatever Ryan Weber/Eric Osterman tell me to and it’s obvious I’m gonna get a good run out of these jams.  Join the club, kids.

Faux Fir :: Baggage Claim [MP3]

Faux Fir :: Rose Colored Glasses [MP3]