Cedar AV

Cedar AV is pretty great.  And this is something I figured upon before I even bucked up and got myself their debut album, At Long Last.  Mathematical equations are certainly not my strong point but observe:

Nate Zabriskie(Nomad Palace)+He Can Jog(Erik SchosterBandcamp)*Made of Oak (luvsound/Vacuum Love*Listening Party Records)/Wisconsin(WI)=FUCK YES Cedar AV.  We could then multiple the solution by Decibully but the awesomeness quotient has already been met, so there’s no need for extra math.

That is the most linked to musical mathematical statement you’ll find on the internets, I shit you not.  But it illustrates, with division (long and short), multiplication, and simple addition, the complexity of this band.

Cedar AV is not the band you listen to in the car, necessarily.  They’re not the band you put on that mix you’re making for your best friend, per say (unless you’re me), and they’re not the band you listen to when you’d like to tune out.  If you’re going to listen to the solution to that equation up there, you’re gonna have to open your brain.

I myself stumbled upon Cedar AV when they were mentioned in a Fader article alongside Eric N Magill (who have seriously made one of the best albums I’ve heard this year) and because there seemed to be, upon first glance, an association with He Can Jog (who played a show with Breathe Owl Breathe not too long after we saw them, put on by Muzzle of Bees, if I’m not mistaken).  On top of that, is Nicolas Sanborn, aka Made of Oak, who was recently on a concert bill with Twin Sister and Mountain Man.  Color me sold.  But we’ve talked about how my loving music is like my loving a book — if it’s not pretty fucking swell upon first listen, there probably will not be second listens in this house.  Thankfully, Cedar AV passes that test.

I work a job that, while easy, scrambles my brain.  The cure for such things is ambient “electro vibes” that soothe my brain and heart, all the while putting thoughts inside there without me knowing, giving me something to ponder long after I’ve removed my headphones and moved on to more mundane tasks…like making Scooby Doo mac-n-cheese.

“Pilots Biography” tells us, amid quiet beats that sound like they’ve been filtered through deep woods, that “we all need a change” and this is certain for most of us at any given time.  “She loved him in tidal waves”?  That shit is heavy, bros.  And who amongst us has not done that very thing?  Loved someone, heavy at first and not unlike giant waves crashing into shores and billowing, only watch that same strong love recede into the distance, as if pulled by the great moon itself?  Obviously this band is not trying to generically move it’s listener — they are forcing us to think without us recognizing it.  “Interstates” gently lulls you with a viciously still guitar and though it’s the simplest of songs I’m thinking about it.  I’m thinking about it on the road and in the shower and while my coffee brews.  This, kids, is the measure of a great (not to mention, handmade) band.

Listen to Cedar AV below and stream Made of Oak’s ‘Vacuum Love’ (it’s good, I promise).  Fortunately, the dudes are especially nice considering they’ve given us, the world and the listeners who will take the time, their album for free.  I should add ‘free’ to that equation…


Cedar AV :: Pilots Biography [MP3]

Cedar AV :: Interstates [MP3]