Doc Dailey

There should be a category here entitled something like “You Should Listen To This Really Good Shit That Is Apparently A Little Old But That We, Of This Here Blog, Never Knew Existed Until Just Now”. This would be the first thing in that category. Then we’d make another category called something like “We’re Sorry”. That way you’d know that we felt bad for missing something so awesome and not introducing it to you sooner.

{Dear Children of the 1990s / 2000s: This is what we call an 8-track. Your dad probably has a bunch in the garage he won’t let your mom throw away because “Remember when we wore out this old Doobies album in the RoadRunner? Bitch, back off!”.}

This album, Victims, Enemies, And Old Friends, was released in October of 2010 by Doc Dailey and Magnolia Devil. That it has been out that long and that I have been without it that long seems a serious travesty, considering how much I’ve grown to love it through my non-stop listening over the past two weeks. That old-country inflection in every lyric sung, that magical ability of a plucked banjo string to sound as if it’s actually a heart string, all of it together makes for an album that is most perfect.


Doc Dailey and Magnolia Devil :: Pray For You [stream]


BUY (no seriously, BUY!) Victims, Enemies, And Old Friends :: SITE