Vinyl Releases

Recently, a few bloggers sent along a chain of emails regarding  a record label.  Mind you, an as of yet undeveloped record label, one of the undoubtedly indie variety, but a label nonetheless.  The logistics are confusing, the process stumping us all, but as those few of us passed back and forth the name of Matt Carr and his label, Analog Edition, was mentioned more than once as something we should aspire to.

That shit seriously happened, Matt.  In just a few short months, the man behind wonderfully spot on Everybody Taste, has built a label that caters to the lover of both vinyl and fantastically fantastic jams.  With a ‘zine (GET THAT HERE, DUNCE!) and three releases under his belt, I’m sort of in awe.  How in the fuck does he do it?

Analog Edition is releasing a 7″ featuring two lovely jams from Stone Darling in August but I highly recommend you go ahead and beat the crowd; listen below.  And speaking of listen, heed this: Remember that supporting this artist, this label, this blogger, means that the doors for all bloggers with the want to introduce the masses to something other than the shit that’s shoved down our throats on stupid ass Top 40 radio stays open.  Wide open.  It means that an artist will get play and that a medium that many had assumed died gets to stay.  This makes my father very happy, by the way, that people still buy vinyl.  He had no idea that was happening until I wrote for Matt’s ‘zine.  DON’T MAKE MY DAD UNHAPPY AND RUIN THAT, ASSHOLES.  Fuck.  But seriously, you’re doing the world a favor.

Releases like this, labels like Analog?  They are important.  Remember that.


Stone Darling :: I Stopped Missing You Today [mp3]

PRE-ORDER the 7″ :: Analog Edition Records :: Stone Darling BANDCAMP