I will not get into how much I love this jam.  Oh wait.  YES I FUCKING WILL.  I’ve spent years as the butt of a joke, as the gal that truly digs Chris Isaak, and this week (while I lacked internet, HOLY FUCK THAT BLEW) The Futurebirds finally validated that love.  And don’t just stream this shit and give up ten seconds in.  The best part of the song, everyone knows, comes in at the very end.



A few moons ago, this Stevie Nicks groupie stumbled upon the following video (if I remember correctly, that was facilitated with a little help from this lady).

I thought back then, while marveling at the woman’s hair and dress and vicious yet perfect vox, that there would never be anything more fantastic.  This version, even though not a real version per say, is much preferred over here to the album cut and I was saddened that I couldn’t buy this shit on vinyl.

Because the universe likes to prove me wrong it did so by recently unleashing this outrageously beautiful cover by The Futurebirds.  Universe, you win.  Futurebirds, I love you.

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