Best Things

Snowmine is not necessarily a band I’ve had given the time of day to had it not been for the accompanying visuals from Shaking Through. This is one of those times when the almighty Powers That Be remind you of what an idiot you can be.

The process, something typically totally foreign to a music writer, unless they’ve ventured out into production or the vast field of (attempting) to record label the shit out of some jams, and so to see it has it happens and to see it with a band that is inventive and clearly talented and just plain fucking good creates a soft spot in my heart before I’ve even heard the music. After that, those first fluffs of 3 paper lanterns, there is a swell and a burst of love that can only come when a band voluntarily lets you in in this manner.

It’s no secret that Shaking Through and the good work that Weathervane Music does are magical and necessary, in a world where an mp3 happens to be were most “fans” stop. It’s no secret that the man behind yvynyl rocks (Ed. Note: Dude brought the baby to work. +1 for parent bloggers!). It was however, a secret to me that Snowmine was so rad. Now that cat’s out of the bag…


Snowmine :: Curfews [stream]

FREELY DOWNLOAD Snowmine’s ‘Curfews’ :: SNOWMINE Bandcamp

[h/t to American Thrift for this awesomeness]