Dudes and dudettes in Los Angeles: If you are geographically situated and don’t have plans for 20 December, you should really be attending this gig.  Wait, fuck that, if you DO have plans break ’em.  That date/your buddies/employer won’t mind considering the lineup.  Your normally annoying and bitchy boss will be all, “DUUUUUUDE!  Can I go with you?!”.

Super fast gist: Middle Brother (spoken of just the other day), Mountain Man, and an acoustic Deer Tick set.  Rollo & Grady, one of my favorite blogs, is involved.  IT”S A FRIGGIN’ BENEFIT, YO.  Do it.  Do it now.

DETAILS :: 20 December 2010 @ The Troubadour, Los Angeles.  SNAG a ticket and let me live vicariously through your attendance.