Iron & Wine

Dudes, I love me some Iron & Wine.  When I was making bags, a good like, 200% of them were named after I&W songs.  My buddy Jeff stopped coming over for a period of a few weeks once because he got so sick of my playing Sam Beam jams non-stop.

Today, Beam is “officially” releasing 3 tracks from the forthcoming Kiss Each Other Clean and if what I’m hearing in “Far From Home” is any indication of how awesome that record will be?  Well then, it’s gonna kick some serious balls.  Fortunately, the internetz gives me this tweet from Grayson Currin (Pitchfork dude, Hopscotch curator, bearded badass), which sums up my feelings quite succintly:

God, the ENTIRE last minute of ‘Walking…” just kicks my ass.  Listen up.  I predict Kiss Each Other Clean is gonna rock your fucking face off.  END OF STORY.

Iron & Wine :: Walking Far From Home [STREAM]

BUY yourself some I&W this morn.