Roadside Graves

6am Repeat is a recurring feature here at Folk Hive in which we stream the latest track that plays incessantly in the earbuds when we awake at that hour and imbibe massive amounts of coffee and cigarettes in preparation for the advancing day.  Consider it your jam of the day — a sweet, sweet gift from me to you.  I love you, dude.

What a lovely joy to wake up and find such an old, seemingly hidden gem at Bandcamp this morning.  From the realms of that year so long ago, 2009, a Roadside Graves jam that had escaped my radar, ‘Jail’, courtesy of Simplefolk Radio.  Sweet.  I don’t wanna work today.  Preach it, brothers.


Roadside Graves :: Jail [mp3]

DOWNLOAD the rest of the session here for no dollars :: WEBSITE