Twitter momentarily didn’t suck this morning.

Occasionally, twitter does something fantastic.  OCCASIONALLY.  This morning, one of those fantastic things that rarely happens, happened.  @MuzzleOfBees encouraged those of us avoiding work to listen to one thing (if we were going to listen to at least one thing this week) and that one thing was the amazing Eric & Magill.

Given that Eric & Magill’s All Those I Know features the Ryan Weber of Decibully and a smidge of drumming from Chris Rosenau (of Collections of Colonies of Bees, yo), one could safely assume the album would be worth our time just by association alone.  And one would not be wrong in assuming such.

The opening track alone, from which the album takes its name, is worth the entire fucking download, dudes.  It’s sparseness gives way to a fulfilling drum rattle and those ‘ohh-ohhhhoooooos’ in the background of the track (as I lamented to Mr. Muzzle of Bees) are simply seraphic.

I spent the better part of my morning with eyes closed (while getting paid by the man, no less) taking in every bit of Eric & Magill that I could.  It never felt tired and after multiple listens I was still rapt.  At day’s end I was endlessly eager to race on and get these tunes into my earbuds.  It’s playing in the background now, as I type this.  Just seriously.  Move your ass, kids.  DOWNLOAD.  And listen below, in case you’re the type of asshole that doesn’t take it to heart when we tell you that an album is going to move you.