Writer’s Block Series

A band of barnacles all hummed and strummed…

Free album: 8 songs written by Him & Me, Me & Him. This is The Willow and The Builder and we like them.



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Still, with the fucking writer’s block. Have attempted to use coffee, beer, and river times as an antidote. Verdict: None of those work. Still, we’ve got jams!

This is stellar. All of it, just stellar. Do you see what I mean with the writer’s block?! Stellar. That’s all I got. Balls.

Listen to this. Buy it. Download that live album. Send me inspirational writing tips, y’all. Goodness gracious…



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It has hit, the thing every soul that endeavors to write dreads. Fucking writer’s block. Two full days of the weekend were spent staring at an alternately blank and full page, the latter usually erased as soon as it was proofread. Shit.

Still, even though we can’t find words we can find music! Here is some, offered without comment, but you can trust if it’s here at all it’s good. This is the Fucking Writer’s Block Series, jams thrown your way without commentary ’cause we ain’t gots none…

This is so badass. “Zydefolk”? Holy shit, yeah. We’ll get down with that.



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