I dislike squares.  That is, someone who doesn’t understand what’s going on.  Someone who frowns upon the fun times in your late teens and early 20s that involve psychedelic drugs and copious amounts of booze, someone who doesn’t get the familial love between groups of raggedy friends, someone who cannot see the joy in just laying by the river with a brew and a joint for an entire 12 hours on a Wednesday.

I dislike boxes.  That is, a term we use to mean a defined set of shit.  A confining word, it is, that backs us in a corner and aims to say that you can like one thing and in doing so, it’s impossible for you to like another.  Example: “Johnny cannot possibly like Mos Def, for he likes John Prine!”.

Coincidentally, these two words are synonyms.  Here, the way I’ve used them, they mean two things and yet in like, math and science and shit, they are the same.  A square is a box.  A box is a square.  Indeed.

The placement of Weed here on a blog entitled Folk Hive might seem uncanny.  It doesn’t seem to fit in with my avowed love of jams soaked in banjo and old-time sentiments.  It will strike you as odd that I would dig the guitar-drenched vocals of Will Anderson (at times hard to even understand and yet, you won’t need to necessarily get the words because you can feel them) or the consistent drone of a loud, electric guitar.

Two things: Don’t be a square.  And don’t put my musical tastes in a convenient and tidy box, dammit.

I cannot say what exactly it is that drew me to Weed (proper noun; LEGALIZE IT).  Perhaps it was the album art.  Perhaps it was the name or perhaps it was my option of listening to these jams on A FUCKING CASSETTE, old school style.  I do know that after my initial curiosity was piqued, it was the unparagoned sound of Weed that kept me enthralled.

If anything, it helps back up my assertion that when it comes to music, you’re just another asshole with a blog if you refuse to step outside that box and shun the squares.  SHUN THE SQUARES.


Weed :: Paul’s Machine [MP3]

Weed :: Release Party [MP3]

Weed :: Dead Horses [MP3]

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