Disclaimer: I hate hearts.  They’re gay.

[The above graphic made me puke in my mouth a little…]

That said, every once in a while, while bored, hungover, or upon finding myself with a few spare seconds on my hands, I enjoy perusing the recent tracks over at this website called Hypem.  You heard of it?  Sorry, sarcasm!  Of course you have, you hipster/Kanye fan/remix lover.

Here’s a tiny mix of some recently discovered and then subsequently hearted tracks from Hypem.  To be nice and kind and fair, let’s give some credit to the lovely blogs that originally located these jams and did the legwork for me.


Solander :: Berlin [MP3]

BUY Since We Are Pigeons :: via No Fear Of Pop


Troubel :: Just Let Him Be [MP3]

GET The Mountains.  The Broken :: via Vocal Nerd Rodeo


Clinic :: Milk & Honey [MP3]

BUY Bubblegum :: via Rollo & Grady


Frontier Ruckus :: Nerves of the Nightmind [MP3]

BUY Deadmalls and Nightfalls :: via Ear Milk

By the way ya’ll, Frontier Ruckus is literally the definition of ‘the shit’.  Get your hands on whatever they put out, go see them live.  Be cool, hear good music.  It’ll make you happier.


Jeffertitti’s Nile :: Mountain Jam [MP3]

BUY Eye Tunes EP :: via FMLY