David Wax Museum

The word ‘homegrown’ is among my favorite words in our fine language.  So is ‘folk’.  Both just sound beautiful to me, for reasons unbeknownst to my heart or head.  Whether or not a percentage of this country greater than 30 (or so) believes it, there is massive importance in words.  They are more important than gestures and general sentiments.  I am one of the few people who will tell you that a few well-placed and/or -used words can potentially mean more than a deed or an action.

So when David Wax Museum says that they are making “homegrown…folk” out of Boston?  Well shit, color me interested.  And when I hear ‘Beekeeper’ I’m all in.  Further along the lines, the whole of Carpenter Bird is fantastic — a blend of rising folk and the old country tunes that were best listened to in fields and barns — and thus, I think it’s safe to assume that the forthcoming release from DWM, Everything Is Saved, will certainly not disappoint.

This band is kind.  This band is perfecting  a brand of music that’s been perfected a thousand times over but would thank them for the assist.  In a word, David Wax Museum is captivating.


David Wax Museum :: Beekeeper [MP3]

David Wax Museum :: Persimmon Tree [MP3]

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