Ravens & Chimes

“And give back the way we were.”  The new Ravens & Chimes jam, in my inbox this morn’, is my most favorite Ravens & Chimes jam thus far.  Also note, I say this EVERY FUCKING TIME there is a new Ravens & Chimes jam.

Ravens & Chimes :: Carousel [MP3]

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To save you all from myself, let me say this first off and just get it out there: Ravens & Chimes are fucking tops.  Just fucking tops.

Now that that important bit is out of the way, let’s ramble.  Let’s ramble about pianos and harmonies and darkness that isn’t really dark but is instead full off light, guided by the tiniest bit of ambient guitar.   Let’s amble on about songs that seem to be about nothing other than our own lives, no matter how little we understand them, and ones that just sound better played loud.  LOUD.  Let’s speak of never being here at all and yet, being present the whole time; of simplicity and complexity, of being unique and feeling just the opposite.  Let’s talk about the confusion of our teens, the feeling of being lost in our twenties, and the crescendo of all that (one hopes) coming to a head in our thirties.  Let’s have a conversation about ourselves.

A good record, a great song, an out-of-the-way band opens up that line of communication.  It’s happened time and time again throughout this great history man has written and in that timeline, there are collections of certain people putting out a certain arrangement of notes that will urge the commoner to stop and take a listen to themselves and to others.

Ravens and Chimes make those great records.  Ravens and Chimes sing those great songs.  Ravens and Chimes are that out-of-the-way band.


Ravens and Chimes :: Division Street [MP3]

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