Outside The Bubble

Here at Folk Hive, we tend to live in an indie folk bubble, surrounded by clouds and candy drops and banjos.  And fucking unicorns.  Occasionally, something else will roll onto the radar though, something that I wouldn’t necessarily have found on my own, and sometimes that thing is so goddamn awesome that bursting our comfortable little folk bubble wide open feels like the right thing to do, in order to introduce you, dear reader, to something you may dig and normally probably wouldn’t find here.  Outside The Bubble is a recurring feature here at the Hive where we do just that…


This morning I brewed a pot of coffee, poured a cup, cuddled under the blankets, and settled in for a soundcast (whatever the fuck that is) with Bears Eat Beats and We Listen For You.  There was drinking.  And talk of Odd Future (fuck ’em), The Deloreans (uh, who?), and concert experiences (does Dwight Yoakam count?).  Listening, it was obvious this is not exactly my crowd.  I own some vinyl, yes, but that shit prominently features fiddles and whatnot.  THERE ARE NO BEATS ON MY WAX!  At any rate, at the end of the chat, there was also talk of Evening Man and the playing of a jam, that I happened to quite dig.  It’s below.  This morning, fuck the bubble, dudes.

Evening Man :: Telegraph Peak [MP3]


Bears Eat Beats :: We Listen For You