Matthew & The Atlas

Holy shit, ya’ll.  Matthew & The Atlas played Daytrotter not too long ago and this was brought to my attention yesterday.  I was at work so as not to allow myself to get drawn in and completely fuck my whole day I decided to wait until last night to absorb it.  Then I forgot.  So this morning, when I noticed my happy little horse pop-up, I allotted a few minutes to dig in to this thing.  Again, HOLY SHIT, YA’LL.  It’s gorgeous.  Stand out track for me is ‘To The North’, whose beginning riff reminds me somewhat of Megafaun’s ‘The Longest Day’ and frankly, since I happen to love that jam, I’m alright with it accidentally popping up elsewhere.

Fuck yes, Matthew & The Atlas.  And a double fuck yes to Daytrotter.  How stellar is music these days, you guys?


Matthew & The Atlas :: To The North (Live at Big Orange Studios) [mp3]