Banjo Sundays

I like love a banjo. It is Sunday Monday. Ergo, Banjo Sunday Monday, y’all.

Hey, you guys! Wanna hear something awesome? How ’bout this damn band, The Hocking River String Band.

Also, have you noticed everyone is a string band these days? And that not all of them live up to that name? Yeah, well, this one does. I mean, there’s a song about drinking Old Milwaukee and being a drunk ass, for God’s sake!

In other news, we dig this. A LOT. You should buy it and put it on repeat. BANJO! (Also, also, also, “Autumn Waltz” is a goddamn beautiful song, y’all.)



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It’s Banjo Sunday, y’all.

Comparisons I shall draw (and for which I make no apologies): Sofia Crowsfoot is as spunky as Cary Ann Hearst and with a hearty voice to match.

Things I shall note: Sofia was formerly known as Squinch Owl, an outfit we adored. Thus, it makes sense that we would venerate her release with Link Crowsfoot (formerly of Thy Courage Quail, whose goblin’s gate is a release worthy of your time in its own right) as Thorn & Shout.

13 gorgeous songs, Sofia and Link trading off vocal responsibilities and sharing that burden, backed by banjo at times.

A sublime set of songs, a lovely album that is sure to reside at our playlist for some time to come.



It is Sunday. I like love banjos. Ergo, Banjo Sunday.

It’s raining outside this morning just as it did last night and just enough to cancel the plans we had. The lights are out in the house, the light from the coffee pot the only thing aglow. There is thunder. This album, this song, is perfect right now. FUCKING PERFECT.


The River And The Road :: Too Much [stream]


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