Big Snow Big Thaw

I’m pulling the thin white curtains next to my desk back.  They are remnants from summer: they do absolutely nothing to keep the cold wind from streaming through our old and fragile windows but Lord, if there is sunlight they let it in and for that reason, I will not pull them down and replace with drapes as I should.

Outside that window pane is what the weatherman calls a ‘wintry mix’.  Sleet and snow.  Approaching is a thundersnow.  All this is slightly depressing.  Yes, there is a snow day and yes, we will be warm inside with a pot of beans boiling and fried cornbread in a skillet but still.

What the weatherman didn’t forecast last night was the release of Big Snow Big Thaw‘s EP this morning.  Asshole should have filled me in.

I stumbled upon Big Snow Big Thaw months ago (if I remember correct) and I was immediately smitten with the banjo (so fucking perfect; called Eleanor) and the lyrics and the stompability of the two jams I heard.  I did my best to locate the fellas making the jams and surprisingly, one of the men was a blogger I already followed.  A blogger I already admired.  Color my ass surprised.  Color my ass devoted.  I listened to ‘Damn Alleghany’ on repeat and it’s worth mentioning that it’s the singular song that every member of my family has commented on.  My little brother, the quintessential redneck hears it and stomps his foot.  He exclaims to his likewise aged friend in the chair “Isn’t this good shit?!”.  My mother walks in the door and asks, “Is this the only song you listen to?”.  My man, The Farmer, doesn’t mind when I leave it on  repeat during our two hour morning coffee sessions at the kitchen table.  Jude pulls out his banjo every time I turn the volume past 5 and plucks as if he’s in the band.

This morning, I’ve got the big snow — blinding, a blizzard they’ve dubbed it.  I await the big thaw.  In the meantime, I’ll be listening to Winter.  You should too.


Big Snow Big Thaw :: Damn Alleghany [MP3]

DOWNLOAD Winter.  For free.  Son of a bitch.