Dudes, lookit.  Music blogger gotta work so I’m gonna be honest: I’ve yet to listen to this track.  It is eating away at my brain whilst I eBay it up over here for charity but I doubt my boss will approve of whatever AkFam is laying down, what with it’s less than religious undertones.  But fuck it, ya’ll.  If I can’t hear it right now, why should that stop you?  $10 bucks and a back rub goes to the first commenter that lets me in on how rad this jam is…

Akron/Family :: Silly Bears [MP3]

PRE-ORDER S/T II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT and get some tasty treats along with it.  And…GO!

PS — I hate you all for hearing this before me.  But seriously, love you guys.

I’m so fucking jazzed for the oh-so-wonderfully titled S/T II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT from musical hard-on inducing band Akron/Family that I wet my pants every time I read something about it.  THIS IS MY LIFE.  Imagine what happened just now when I heard the just-released jam I’ma ’bout to share.  Let’s just say, Depends are in my future, people.

Akron/Family :: So It Goes [MP3]


Today in America is Election Day.  I won’t encourage you to vote for either side because if you’re not smart enough to vote for the right people anyway, then you’re not smart enough to listen to me.  All I’ll say is this: VOTE, DUDE.

Similar to voting is this track from favorites Akron/Family: Woody Guthrie’s America.  AkFam has encouraged all Americans to participate and record their own version.  See, even the Family wants you to have your say!

Akron/Family :: Woody Guthrie’s America [MP3]

This jam reminds me of something.  Perhaps not something, so much as a time.  The Gods might well have blasted this song out of the sky when I was 9 years old and disobeying my parents orders to stay away from the creek in the woods.  A group of 5 or 6 kids on the street would venture down past the nursing home, over the hill, and into the creek bed.  From that starting point we’d walk a half mile to the spot that resides behind the house I now live in to a secret spot at the creek.

Hidden back there, in the middle of the woods in the middle of town, was a magical spot for all of us.  A lithe branch hung out over the shallow water in such a way that we were able to grab it and dangle over the algae covered flat rocks that ran along a slight downward slope to a small, clear pool perfect for splashing and swimming.  The trees were dense and the sun was only given so much leeway so we warmed ourselves there on the tiny bank by their rays only.

New Jan Jam will most likely not see the light of day on any upcoming Akron/Family releases but for now, it’s given me reason to fight the urge to put it in my son’s earphones, tuck my pants into my socks, don a swimsuit under my clothes, and head off back behind the house to introduce my boy to that wonderful spot I haven’t seen in over 20 years despite it’s proximity to my physical address.