I just figured out how to properly insert my earbuds.  This only happened because I sat, propped by pillows and covered to protect from the chill descending upon the house, with my hands pressed to my ears.  I was listening to Efterklang and I wanted to feel it.  Louder.  I wanted to feel as if I were in front of an orchestra.  I held my arms upright and positioned cupped hands over my ears until the blood ran from my phalanges to my elbows and it was no longer possible.  I fiddled with that tiny piece of modern technology and suddenly, there was a whole new world!  Sounds, vibrant and crisp!  Turns out I’ve had these fuckers stuck in there the wrong way — they just needed a twist in the opposite direction for maximum awesomeness straight to my brain.


Who knows what I’ve missed.  What I was lucky enough to not miss was strings and drums and massive intelligence in song.  I spent last night in bed, eyes closed and sounds in my ears, attempting to locate a valid comparison between Efterklang and ANYTHING in my brain to lay out here.  A succint Coldplay?  That’s trite as fuck.  An orchestral and shorter-winded Akron/Family?  That’s an injustice to both bands.  Stephen Hawking with a side of Megafaun experimentalism?  Too American, not Danish enough.

There are no comparisons, it seems.  And that’s at once lovely and thought-provoking.  That’s fucking good enough.  If I measured the time it has taken Efterklang to move to the forefront of my brain in Cigs & Coffee (which is how I prefer to measure shit), we’re sitting at 2 cups and half a pack.  Band is making good time, yo.


Efterklang :: Modern Drift [MP3]

Efterklang :: Alike [MP3]

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