bandcamp five :: della mae, typhoon, & then some…

I once wrote that this feature, this Bandcamp Five business, would run like clockwork. Like a church, I said. I am a liar.

Life is so hard sometimes. But then, MUSIC! I found these lovely jams for you. Because I love you and care about your heart. Really.


{From Winter Singles}


[Ed. Note: This is quite possibly the most beautiful modern-day instrumental I’ve ever heard. What this does to my heart I cannot put into words.]

{From All’s Lost, All’s Found}


Typhoon :: Summer Home [mp3]

[Ed. Note: Shit. Again, with the Ed. Note. I’m cheating. This album is on Bandcamp, where I’ve been listening to it. But, I can’t embed the damn thing so just take this mp3 but seriously, don’t stop there. BUY the damn thing.]

{From A New Kind Of House}


{From Farther Shores EP}


{From I Built This Heart}

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