bandcamp five :: hello wheels, cedar point, & more…

Here at headquarters, we’re still dealing with a brain that is so emotionless that it cannot fathom writing anything of worth. Between the personal side of things and the professional work side of things (one that had drained and another that is currently draining), there is just nothing left. Until we can figure out a way to make this musical writin’ business profitable, this is how it shall stay. Bullshit.

At any rate, we’re still listening to music of course. It’s the only way to dig out of the holes: nothing cures and amends like music. Nothing puts it in perspective better and nothing sews up a heart with a tighter stitch. We’ll get back to our old selves soon enough, y’all. In the meantime, here’s some jams we like very much. Maybe you will, too…


{From The Year You Were Born :: FACEBOOK}

{From I’ll Be There Tomorrow :: SITE}

{From Cedar Point}

{From Baby John The Fox :: FACEBOOK}

{From A Dark Horse :: SITE}

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  1. MT C said:

    As I mentioned before you might just give PayPal a try. Who know maybe some of us 72 appreciators could give you a bit of a hand.

    Meanwhile back at the ranch, there is grandma… She came up with a bit of something that, while it may not compare to the Shaky Graves dude, might be worth a bit of time on. Again from Band Camp another unknown who might just get to be known some day. I hope so.

    Foreign Fields – Anywhere But Where I Am.

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