akron/family :: ‘silly bears’

Dudes, lookit.  Music blogger gotta work so I’m gonna be honest: I’ve yet to listen to this track.  It is eating away at my brain whilst I eBay it up over here for charity but I doubt my boss will approve of whatever AkFam is laying down, what with it’s less than religious undertones.  But fuck it, ya’ll.  If I can’t hear it right now, why should that stop you?  $10 bucks and a back rub goes to the first commenter that lets me in on how rad this jam is…

Akron/Family :: Silly Bears [MP3]

PRE-ORDER S/T II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT and get some tasty treats along with it.  And…GO!

PS — I hate you all for hearing this before me.  But seriously, love you guys.

  1. TBone said:

    This is the second track I’ve heard from their upcoming album, and it fucking rules. “S/T II” should be pretty excellent.

    • Ah, 10 bucks and a back rub to you, sir! Though we’ve never met so that leaves the illusion that…well. You know.

      Beers instead. Better idea.

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