nathaniel rateliff and the night sweats :: HOLY SHIT

If you’re the type of person that doesn’t keep Fuel/Friends, songsfortheday, or Yankee Calling on your radar, I’m gonna need you to do a couple things for me right quick:


2. Listen to this jam from Nathaniel Rateliff’s new project, NR and the Night Sweats.

If you follow the musings of those three (awesome and) aforementioned blogs, you’ve already heard this. We’ve all four been raving over and singing the praises of this perfect insanity for the past few days. If you’ve missed it, your life has been lacking. Adam says it is “like a profane gospel song” and frankly, I don’t think there’s a better description. Unless we’re going with Heather’s: “The best band in Denver. Boom.” In-fucking-deed.

For real:


I am disgustingly in love with Rateliff’s previous work which makes it so very unlikely that I’d be able to love a side project of his at all. It just seemed there would not be enough love left.

And then Rateliff set in with the dancing and the big band cut in with a sax and a piano and I was proven wrong…




1 comment
  1. Kevin said:

    PLEASE, can someone get this Son of a Bitch a drink?!?!?!?! And do it NOW!!!
    He’s gettin’ the shakes and shiite!

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