dudes, new smooth hound smith!

Obviously, this is causing some excitement in our neck of the woods…

1. BANJO! (You guys want to borrow my banjo, Anna Lee? I’ll totally let you borrow my banjo Anna Lee.)

2. I’ve never even met Caitlin Doyle in real life but this song plus her voice plus that girl’s style plus the fact that she was (is?) a part of Dustbowl Revival makes me want to BFF her.

3. I suspect I’ll be lucky enough to hear this song in person soon, this band positioned on an old porch in front of me, and I also suspect that I will clap along so goddamn hard there might need to be a nurse available to attend to the damage I’ll do to my digits in my excitement.

4. I am no musician, this is true, but I know a thing or two about it. One of those things I know is that blending rockabilly and blues and folk is a delicate thing and one that is hard to pull off. Yet, Smooth Hound Smith does just that. Back and forth between songs that tug at your heart and songs that send you rocking about in your chair is a tough row to hoe but Smooth Hound Smith somehow manages to perfectly plow that field.




BUY Smooth Hound Smith :: FACEBOOK

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