david ramirez :: ‘the bad days’

[h/t to Yankee Calling for this stunner. Like, seriously, I’m wearing a Texas-sized hat with a huge brim and I’m tipping it as low as is possible.]

Journey once sang about life on the road and for years, sadly, that has been the mantra of love for a touring band. Now we have David Ramirez carrying that torch and I must say, he does a much finer job of it. Scootch over, Journey. There’s a new man singing about his lover spending days all alone while he’s chained to the open road. Sorry now defunct 80s band but this new man has just kicked your ass at your own game. An indie-folkster just won. Indie-folksters always win.

With a voice part Ryan Adams and a yell reminiscent of Nathaniel Rateliff, Ramirez will no doubt feature on all personal mixtapes I make for the next hundreds of days.

Head to Ramirez’s site and snag some free jams. Put this one on repeat while you download to your heart’s content. Hold on strong, y’all. Don’t let go.

{Ramirez will release The Rooster, the EP on which this beaut is contained, on 7 March. Keep an eye out for that. We promise to keep you updated.}



SITE (with plenty of freely downloadable goodness) :: FACEBOOK

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  1. Make sure you check out his tune “Stick Around”. It’s another great song about the road.

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