the river and the road :: ‘separate ways’

It’s no secret that we’re great followers of The River and The Road. I remember well the agony in removing their S/T album from last year’s Most Revered list. There just wasn’t the room, what with the Denver’s and Misty’s and Jurado’s gifting us with albums last year, but I was sad to see to see it gone. I might have cried. Don’t tell anyone…

In the beginning, it was the banjo that hooked me, something that happens often. I’m considering a tattoo that reads “your banjo is the way to my heart”. But in the end I stayed for the raucous stomp and folk-rock purity.

tratr{Photo by Christopher Edmonstone}

I don’t know the context of this song — when it was recorded, the how of it happening, or the story of the other band involved, Fields of Green. None of that is necessary. Sometimes, insane amounts of music blogger research just clouds the waters, anyway. I don’t need extraneous facts to know I love this jam.

Listen below and head to soundcloud for the free download, folks. Dig that banjo. Keenan, you are fucking slaying it. God bless your little heart, man.




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