sara watkins :: sun midnight sun // ‘you and me’ (or kinsella used the phrase ‘sex yoda’ and still made me hate him, how even?!)

This blog might well just be called “OMFG HART OF DIXIE Y’ALL” from now on. I’m changing my twitter handle as we speak…

These gifs illustrate the moment that a stupid television show thought it would be just dandy to kick me right square in the ball sac. THIS IS WHY I DON’T WATCH THE MOVING PICTURES BOX!

There was a elf-themed weddin’ and the Hot Redneck (“Wade Kin-SELL OUT!”) cheated on the Adorable Sugar Glider girl. He got punched in the gut by his ex-wife at the reception and that made it a smidge better but my feels are still raw.

They’re soothed only by the jam that played at the end of that ass kicking, while Adorable Sugar Glider danced with NFL Player Turned Mayor (while he was wearing a velvet jacket, if I remember right, AWESOME) as they both tried to forget that heartbreak exists.

(For the record, late last year some PR someone or other sent me this album and I ignored that email because, as my insane love for fictional Bluebell illustrates, I’m a dumbass.)

Sara Watkins (formerly of Nickel Creek, whose “Out of the Woods” is my jam, y’all!) released Sun Midnight Sun early last year and it’s a shame I missed it. I’ve spent a good majority of my Wednesday getting familiar with its lovely tales and I’m now thoroughly in enamored. I got my balls stomped on by a sap show and then said show went and healed ’em right up with this song. All is good now, all is right.

Fuck you though, Kinsella. You made me weep despite using the phrase “sex Yoda”.

(But seriously, guys. Buy that Sara Watkins album. I mean, I’m over here watching this show just for the jams (JUST FOR THE JAMS, I SWEAR!) and in the process I got sad so it’s the least you can do for me…)


Sara Watkins :: You And Me [mp3]

BUY Sun Midnight Sun :: SITE

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