the salt flats :: ‘never going back again’

There was a piece I read via The Wild Honey Pie last week, a piece about the writer having revisited Fleetwood Mac’s perfect Rumours album. The writer talked about how falling in love with that album gave her a greater understanding of her mother, who had once fallen in love with it, too. It reminded me of my own relationship with my mother, of riding to the grocery store with her as she blasted it and as I whined about it. As she vacuumed the house with those songs (the ones you never hear on the radio) blasting out of a record player hid behind the front door. She used to mom dance to those songs; she’d snap her fingers and bob weirdly in the living room, fully immersed in Fleetwood Mac. It was a weird mom thing to me then.

And then I grew up and realized my musical shit (New Kids on the Block, I’m looking at you) could never come close to competing with the awesomeness of her musical shit. I remember when Fleetwood Mac did a reunion tour when I was in the last throes of high school and my sister and I both started to get it, falling in love with the band as my mother looked on at us with face that said, “I fucking told you so”.

Obviously, I love Fleetwood Mac. To me, it is sacrilege to cover their songs, just because it’s so damn near impossible to do them justice. Songs like “Second Hand News”, “I Don’t Wanna Know”, and the following are too perfect to me to allow a covered version of the original into my ears.

That said. The Salt Flats have accomplished the near impossible. It takes a certain kind of voice to cover Fleetwood and a certain cadence and unique quality of a musical arrangement to make it work.

After reading that Wild Honey Pie piece, I took a minute to peruse the “Fleetwood Mac” tag at bandcamp. In four pages of utter shit was this buried gem. It is perfect and I love it and I don’t want to slay this band for having covered “Never Going Back Again” because it’s obvious they’d loved it enough to do it proper justice.

The Salts Fleetwood Mac Songs EP is available as a free download via Bandcamp. WHOA.



DOWNLOAD The Fleetwood Mac Songs EP :: FACEBOOK

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