cal folger day :: ‘ghost hands’

Cal Folger Day is a totally rad name and I want it. Cal Folger Day once played something called the Depresstival and clearly, that is my scene. Cal Folger Day seems like a lovely lady and I pretty much want to be friends with her. Like, in real life. I will buy a piano and a bass drum and she will come over and we will have wine (even though I don’t even like wine) and she will sing in my house and we will make adorable collages out of found objects and old maps. We will probably open an Etsy store and sell our wares there, along with a whole bunch of 7″ vinyl albums which she will inevitably record on a reel to reel I’m also going to buy to facilitate our friendship. We will make a ton of dollars and Pitchfork will review one of those albums and give it a 10.7 and we will drink more wine and just laugh in the living room because Pitchfork, we’re too cool for you, we don’t even care!

Anyway. I like this Cal Folger Day song. Maybe you will, too. Come to our wine party next Saturday.



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  1. I very strongly concur! Got to see her play on valentines day. Beautiful stuff.

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