willy mason :: ‘talk me down’

I do this thing: Like, once a year, maybe once every two, I’ll hear a song that takes less than 5 seconds to enter my soul. I mean, I like a whole lot of songs (obviously) but there are some, there are few, that get in my bones within the first few chords. It’s such a rare but beautiful feeling when that happens…

You guys, it just happened. WILLY MASON. Willy fucking Mason.

willyGo now to Noisetrade and get these four  wonderful, perfect, stellar, I CAN’T EVEN FIND OTHER SYNONYMS THAT ARE GOOD ENOUGH HERE, jams. There is just the right amount of weird here and there are no words that will bind and explain my love for it. Go. Just…go.

When you lift me up, I jump…

When the road goes on, you sail. When it cracks and burns, you bail.


Willy Mason :: Talk Me Down [mp3]



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