so, this is a thing that’s happening :: smooth hound smith // backyard sessions

We are young. We are golden. We are having a house show with a stellar band and you’re invited.

smooth hound smith

There is a duo of folk, proper named Zack Smith and Caitlin Doyle, that make stomp music. Their brand of jams, filled to the brim with swampy harmonies (that’s good, don’t worry, you’ll see) and ample opportunity to let music totally make you day and save your night, are right up our proverbial alley. The band offered to do a show, I said, “Wait, are you shitting me with this?!”, they replied in the negative and now we’re a go.


24 May there will be song. There will be barbecue in copious quantities, there will be booze. I’m hopeful I can find camouflage Busch Light cans somewhere. There will be friends and there will be Jarred and Ryan, kindred spirits this town has anointed as Honorary Rednecks, from Show Me Shows. There will be a crowd in the woods right in the middle of town, clapping along and falling in love (just as I have) with Smooth Hound Smith.

The next day we will head off into the Ozark woods and paddle canoes down a river. I can’t even wrap my brain around this much epic.

And what about you? Well, you’re invited of course! RSVP here, if you’re so inclined. Show is free, food is free (though it is standard in our circle to show up with a covered dish, if ‘ya don’t mind). Bring money, buy a record, tip the band as if they were your first cousin waiting on your table at the local truck stop.

Come. We would love to have you.




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