dudes, new vandaveer :: ‘pretty polly’

Here at the Hive, we love Vandaveer.

But we really love Vandaveer with a banjo. WITH A FUCKING BANJO, Y’ALL.


If the first single released from the band’s upcoming album Oh, Willie, Please is any indication, this album shall be a barn burner. Songs of murder and self ruin are said to abound and in regards to the latter, we’re sure that this album will take over our hearts (as self ruin is a favorite here, please see that Autobiographical Music Blogging tag to the side over there, ahem).

Oh, Willie, Please will be released 30 April via Quack!Media. Hit up that stream below and download the single. Your psyche implores you!

(Also, support the album via Pledge Music, which is a thing we think you can still do. And should. You should do that.)




1 comment
  1. Kevin said:

    THIS Is EXACTLY what I was hoping for today!!!!!! LOVEs Vandaveer!!! Thanks for posting!!! – KD

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