lauren mann and the fairly odd folk :: ‘i lost myself’


I don’t listen to / like a lot of musicians of the female persuasion. We’ve talked about this before. I don’t know what my goddamn problem is…

See, here’s the thing. I am a lady. I have those parts. I feel those things that only girls can feel. I deal with all the things that only a gal can understand. I value my female friendships. I AM A LADY. I just forget it sometimes, I guess.

On Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk’s first release from their upcoming album, we begin with a whistle and a uke, soft like a girl. Then we have a chat about something that every girl will understand, the loss of oneself with no rhyme or reason. And then there is a burst, a realization. There is the inner workings of the mind of a female, right there in song. What do you see, if anything, what do you see in me? Mind games. Crushing insecurity. Things that yes, affect all people regardless of anatomy, but things that are prescient topics for girls. Not just the young ones, either. Us old ladies feel it, too. We’re all in it together, gals.

Personal issues aside, this jam from Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk fucking rocks. Get it, ladies.

Over Land & Sea will be released 9 April via Wanderer Records.



Pre-ORDER Over Land and Sea :: SITE


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