the falls :: ‘home’ (and a trip to sxsw)

the falls

Here is the Midwest, SXSW is just some event that we will never venture to. We don’t have enough class for that shit, we ain’t got the money for no train ticket. But it’s news that bands like The Falls will be there that make us regret those sad facts.

The Falls, based in Australia, are in need of cash for that SXSW excursion and as such, are offering up their albums via Bandcamp to raise said funds. We highly recommend their musical wares. The Tascam Demos is a gorgeous drift into the making of an album and Hollywood is a stellar romp, alternating between the voices of both Simon Rudston-Brown and Melinda Kirwin.

Head on over to Bandcamp and perform your good musical deed for the day. Pick up an album, give what you can, get some nice Aussies over to our soil. We firmly believe they can teach some American musicians a thing or two…

(PS – This band is on their way to big things, mark our words. Get on this train while there’s still tickets left, y’all.)




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  1. Daniel Taylor said:

    I’m an Australian living here in the USA and have been following The Falls journey. It’s great to hear that the word is getting out about these guys. They are indeed going to be moving on to big things. Thanks for the post!

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