eric & magill // ‘tangled up in nets’


It’s no secret that we here at Folk Hive have a musical hard on for the music of Eric & Magill (see our archives for proof of this). Knowing as such, it’s safe to assume that we’re stoked as a branch minnow in a summer stream to let y’all know that come 19 February the duo will release a fantastic EP, Two Travelers, their first offering since late 2010.

The first track released, “Tangled Up In Nets”, has utterly stolen our hearts. Folktronica melded with a bit of banjo and the stunning vocals of Heidi Spencer (of Heidi Spencer and the Rare Birds) is not so much a departure from the formula of All Those I Know but it is a step forward. The whole EP is a special treat but we will concede that “Tangled…” is the stand out track here, a song you can almost feel branching out as a tree does in the spring. With each setting in of the chorus those sprigs spring forth their blooms and not singing along with the “birds and butterflies” line becomes pert near impossible.

I have listened to this track countless times and each time, the volume in my earbuds gets increased. Note to those listening with me: Turn it all the way up. The sonic layers live there and the beauty of this jam is amplified at maximum volume.

[Nota Bene: The lyric “how this guitar has wept for its long lost castanets” is my most favorite of the year and if you want to argue that such a sung sentence isn’t one of the prettiest lyrics ever then you and I will fight. We will fight and you will lose because fucking seriously, you guys.]




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