dudes, new deep dark woods :: ‘my baby’s got to pay the rent’


I forget it all too often but dammit if The Deep Dark Woods might not consistently be my most favorite band. It’s like those fellas have veins full of whiskey and perfection and their beards are stocked full of musical charisma and exceptional lyricism.

With this latest offering, a jam written and recorded for the movie Safe Haven, one which we will not see because Jesus, Nicholas Sparks, how many millions is one man entitled to make on the same damn story over and over?! I mean, are women really going to pay to see The Notebook, Volume 134, Minus Ryan Gosling’s Beard? I assume that this jam is the high point of that movie. But I digress…

At any rate, Canadians have now taken the alternative country music reins from America (because if The DDWs are any indication, most of the time they do it better than we). I’ll say it again, The Deep Dark Woods might just be the most perfect band ever.



BUY Safe Haven soundtrack (or maybe don’t, and just give The DDWs some of your money for their albums here instead).



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