jason diaz (of the tin drums) :: ‘all the way down’

tin drums

The fellow you observe in the photo above, the dude on the left, is a chap by the name of Jason Diaz. Diaz is one part of two belonging to The Tin Drums, an excellent band we wrote about on Monday. Since that day, their album Before The Evening Falls, has played incessantly in this house and because I’m so mightily obsessed with it, some time spent digging on the internet to get to better know said band did not sound unreasonable.

Below is what I’m assuming is a demo for a song that was featured on The Tin Drums latest release and amazingly, I adore it as much as I adore what has been officially released. Both stellar versions, beautiful each in their own way, can be listened to down there. We highly suggest you soundtrack the end of your week with these jams, just as we are…

[Slight aside: I’d give my left pinky to be the chick in this band. Her voice is utterly mesmerizing. She must be so rad in real life.]




1 comment
  1. Kevin said:

    I Can NOT Get enough of this album!!! Thank you for being one of the ones to introduce me to them!

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