song preservation society :: ‘circus’

It is often that I come across an album and think to myself, “I know that I know this thing, I know that I have heard it before.” It is often, apparently, that I pass up things that are good. It might be that this is my cross to bear.

Upon stumbling on this album over the weekend, I knew that I’d heard it before or at the very least seen that album cover. I’m not sure why, months ago, I pushed it out of my head and replaced it with whatever I replaced it with but this is a testament to my human flaws. What a mistake to ignore this band.

Saturday the weather broke here in the Midwest, the sun came out of hiding, and everything was beautiful. This song was on repeat for hours that day. I have fallen head over heels in love with it.

All is right in the world now, past musical ignorance be damned.



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