musical things you need in your life :: the gospel whiskey runners // ‘hold on’

Y’all need to get some friends more like mine. Case in point, my best bud directed me to this Gospel Whiskey Runners album, Hold On, apparently released in September 2011 (HOLY SHIT, WHA?!) and let me tell you, it’s a sort of perfection that’s hard to articulate.

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The fact that this album was originally released years ago (from what I can tell) lets me know that this band is one that operates ahead of its time. To compare it to one of our favorites, Hoots and Hellmouth’s Salt, would be fair, I suppose, given that lead singer Jerrod Turner’s voice is so incredibly similar to Hoots’ singer, but to do that would imply that this album had not come first. It would imply that the same stompability and sing along spree present in Salt was a pre-cursor to this beauty here and that’s just not the case.

“Hold On” takes standout honors here (there is some seriously fucking righteous lyricism in that jam) but the rest of the album possesses the same beauty and is just as deserving of your time. “The Wound” is a breathtaking and sadly reminiscent take on what happens when relationships fall apart and “The Ticket” takes on both folk and Americana superbly and in a way that is rarely heard.


I spent my weekend with friends that I love so hard and when I was home alone, thinking of my luck regarding the lot I’ve been gifted as my pals, this album soundtracked those thoughts and those videos of us acting like teenagers, making dirty jokes around a kitchen table, letting out all that grown up shit we can’t when we’re with our kids nearly every day. But we’re still fun and we’re still awesome! Coming home (and coming down) Sunday, this album played all day in the background and life felt grand.

You can’t ask much more from an album than that: To soundtrack your best and worst times perfectly on both fronts. It’s a fine line and a tough road to hoe but Hold On manages it swimmingly and seemingly without effort.

Amazingly, Hold On is available over at NoiseTrade. It is ever so highly suggested that you get this album in your life.


Gospel Whiskey Runners :: Hold On [mp3]

Gospel Whiskey Runners :: The Wound [mp3]

GET Hold On via NoiseTrade :: FACEBOOK

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